Not So Dirty Laundry

The clothes line. It’s a picture that has been almost completely erased in our contemporary world. We live in a microwavable society and we don’t have time to wait for the wind to dry our clothes. We have instant access to nearly everything. If you want to know how tall Dirk Nowitzki is or even how to spell his name, just Google it (he’s 7′ tall by the way). If you want to know exactly how much longer before your kids get home, just text them. If you want to get the seven-day forecast or find out the latest breaking news in the world or sports, just hit the “News & Weather” app on your phone. I don’t need to go on. You know how small our world has gotten and how instantly everything comes to us. Even this blog is an example of this.

I love much of this new era we are in. Staying connected to so many more people. Not having to watch the news but knowing what’s going on in the world. Not getting lost everytime I go somewhere new. But is there a price that we pay for this?

Sometimes I long for the simple and less convenient. For moments of walking around with a cup of coffee in my hand, knowing that it will be another hour before my next task can be attempted, much less completed. Time to breathe. Time to think. Time to connect one on one with someone – not through a computer or in a text message but face to face. Where I can see the light in their eyes and the smirk on their face. But too many times, this is missed.

We have so much opportunity for relationship in front of us and so often we settle for less. We share a polite, “How’s it going?” in passing or send someone a “poke” on facebook or add them as a friend but still find ourselves isolated and unknown. It is too easy for us to hurry from one important event to the next, forgetting the people the event is really about. And we accept surface relationships as normal.

But…we were made for more! We were created to love and be loved deeply. To be known at every level and loved anyway – even in spite of the stuff we wish wasn’t there. We are shown a picture of this from the Father, as he takes our dirty laundry and incredibly makes it fresh again. And as he hangs it up dry, our shame of what once covered our stuff is now gone!

I can look you in the eye and tell you of the old stains in my life with a smile on my face, having no thought of embarrassment because it’s not there anymore. When this is done, authentic relationship is developed, love is shared and the Father is made known. And when we hit a bump in the road and the coffee flies all over us, we can draw from this relationship and point back at the clothes line. A reminder of the newness given by the Father in the past and the promise of what’s available to us now.

So bring on the coffee and the conversation (click here to be taken to Let’s share this life together. Don’t worry about the spills, I know a good cleaner!


6 thoughts on “Not So Dirty Laundry

  1. I am a HUGE fan of the technology that keeps me or gets me back into contact with people from different walks of my life. However, there is nothing that I love more than sitting down to lunch or coffee or just some random 3, 5 or 30 minute conversation to hear about some part of their journey. I am addicted to that more than anything other way of connecting with people. I will say, I can tell you of the old stains in my life, though not always with a smile – yet. But I know, because I have great examples in Amarillo, San Angelo, Waco, Austin, Oklahoma City, Edmond, California, Brazil, Russia, Japan, New York, and so many other places who do it. And I can’t wait until I get to be there on that part of the journey!

    • I hear you that sharing the stains doesn’t always come with a smile, especially when it is close and recent. I am there at times. But I love looking at my journey and seeing where I’ve come from and how great the Father has been to me. How patient, forgiving, loving – and yes, at times, hard. I love the change he’s created and I can’t help but smile. Often these days, that smile comes with tears too! Trying to really watch that when I speak!!!

      Miss and love you.

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying. We have so much going on and we are missing the connections and easiness of spending time with people and really getting to know them. I am guilty…. Love the blog…thanks for taking the time to do it.

    • Selia,

      It makes me think about our time together in group. It’s amazing the level of sharing and connection that is possible in an hour or two together like that! I truly loved that year we spent together.

  3. Landon, I too miss days that were much simpler. Where people actually wanted a relationship not an update. This technology that has minimized our world into one community, has also driven us into a deeper, more dangerous form of hiding. Great blog!

    • Roy,

      I have recently made some decisions about my life, how I use my time and what I will commit to in ministry that I’m so excited about. Decisions that will give me even more opportunity to “share the coffee” with people. As a part of those decisions, I’ve also committed to use technology more actively and intentionally – to help create these connections. One of the results of this is obviously this blog. Thanks for the encouragement about it.

      I’d love to hear how you’re navigating this noisy world!

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