Running – by Sue Wells

Here’s a post from my precious friend Sue Wells. Take a look, it’s well worth it!

Sue – Keep running with the Father. And oh, how I miss running right next to you!


  • Let me start by saying that I am not a runner, nor do I have any desire to be a runner.  I can only image what is to be a runner and how I might feel if I ran.

I start the marathon with such exuberance, I feel rested, I feel strong, I feel good.  I am ready to conquer the course.

“Racers ready, Set” the pistol goes off, “Go”.

I am off I start at a good steady pace.  Hearing the pounding of the other runners feet hit the ground gives me power and a rhythm to which I can set my pace.  One mile, two miles, five miles, ten miles.  I begin to feel the muscles in my body warm, my breathing is a little harder.  I hear less of the rhythm of running feet.  As I run the course what I was counting on to help me…

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