Preserved vs. Repressed Sexuality

Sex plays such a dominate role in our culture. It drives our advertising and our entertainment. Whether it’s overt or subtle, it seems to be everywhere.

Question: How do we deal with this as followers of Jesus? How do we participate in this sex saturated culture and yet live differently? What boundaries do we place in our lives?

And possibly even more important…how do we guide our children and our single adults through this extremely difficult maze? This is a question we really need to spend some time on. What we teach here really matters. It will influence not only their actions but their hearts. It could directly impact whether they receive the gift of sex truly as a gift or as something else entirely.

Last week, I ran across a tremendous post about this. It directly addresses how so much of our Christian community has dealt with sexuality and the potential struggles we create within the hearts of our children and single adults. Take a look, it’ll be well worth your time!

Preserved vs. Repressed Sexuality.


2 thoughts on “Preserved vs. Repressed Sexuality

    • I read your post several months ago and it home. I recently finished a teaching series entitled, “The One Flesh Gift” and was reminded of your post. I referred to the idea of “preserved sexuality” for our single adults. We also have singles, who intend to remain single and for them, encouraged “repressed sexuality” – as they live a life like Paul (1 Cor. 7). Both sets of single adults have the same task, to relentlessly pursue God’s way with their hearts, minds and bodies! Thanks for inspiring me and others!

      If you are interested, you can listen to those talks on Journey’s “Media” page at:

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