Reckless Pursuit

I have never enjoyed running, although I have done it in some form for most of my life. It is sort of required to play the sports that I love. But I have never really understood running for the sake of running. My thought is, “Why go through the trouble if there is no greater reward waiting at the end?”

A year and a half ago, I led Journey Christian Community in Waco, TX through a teaching series entitled, “Yahweh’s Story.” It is an amazing story full of unbelievable love and indescribable heartache. It is the story that we all find ourselves in — but it is not our story. It’s the Father’s!

Since the very beginning of this story, our Father has been after us. He has been pursuing us with reckless abandon. And we run. We follow the pattern of so many who have come before us and we run. We run because we are afraid. We run because we are ashamed. We run because we believe that something out there will ease our hearts.

If only we would slow down long enough to take a look at the one chasing after us. We would see the face of a Father whose heart is breaking. We would hear the tenderness of his voice, pleading, “It’s OK! Come, let me hold you. You are my precious one.” You see, the Father is not in pursuit to accuse and destroy. In fact, quite the opposite! He pursues because he loves you radically and he will continue in his chase until the last chapter of his story is written.

I, like most of us, am a runner. But I have been caught by the Father and have been overcome by his love for me. I still run but most days it is toward him.

This blog and the following posts are dedicated to discovering the Father’s pursuit of our hearts and the incredible life given to us as we live recklessly in his love.



12 thoughts on “Reckless Pursuit

  1. Love this post!! I’m so blessed that God has gone to great lengths to pursue my heart and offer His grace!! Love your blog and look forward to the next post friend! 🙂

  2. I have spent most of my life running so hard and never getting any where, never feeling like I fit. The Lord touched my life about 6 years ago and I am so blessed to know (or am learning about) the Father!! He has given me direction, purpose, acceptance and love. I do not even know how to express how he has changed my heart and mind and how much I love and need him. I want nothing more then to continue to run to him and be surrounded by His grace, mercy and forgiveness. I have times of stumbling about but when I stop and rest in Him He gives me the strength to get up and try again. Thank you My Precious Father, My mighty GOD the creator, the author the finisher.

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