You Want Some?


Today is a good day! I went home to grab a late lunch and pick up the house a bit before the family hits the house later this afternoon and this is what I came home to. Pie! Three pies generously given to me by a friend who heard me issue a plea for pie to be a part of our 8th anniversary next week at Journey Christian Community. What a friend…right!?

Kinda makes me wonder though. Is this friend of mine really thoughtful? Being funny by going over the top with my request? Or secretly trying to add to my suddenly increasing waistline? Pie could never be used maliciously…right!?

Truly, these pies came from a great friend and I can honestly say that there’s probably a bit of all of this in the gift – which just makes me laugh! I love friends who are as close as family! People who know me as well as I know myself and who are bold enough to laugh with and at me. People who are at times more aware of my quirks than I am and actually love me because of them. It’s an amazing way to live.

Over the past three and a half years, I have been surrounded by these kinds of relationships. Journey is so much more than a place that I serve as a pastor, it’s my home. It’s my family, who I live with – celebrate with – cry with (which I wish I could get a handle on) – and serve with. It is amazing to be a part of this family of God and to play a role in welcoming others to join us in the amazing life we get to live together!

Journey, I love you and I thank my God for you! I can’t wait to celebrate our 8th Anniversary and Chili Cook-Off with you this Sunday. And I can’t wait to taste all those pies that show up. You want some? Then come on and join us!

Oh, and happy National Pie Day!!!


2 thoughts on “You Want Some?

  1. Landon, if Doyle can emphasize Dr. Pepper for the Holiday Gathering in Amarillo, I am sure that requesting pie to celebrate an 8th anniversary can’t be all that bad. My friend, I wish I was close enough to help you celebrate this time of joy!

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