Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love


OK. It is finally time! After a year and a half of writing, speaking, revising and listening to feedback – it’s time to begin getting the word out about the book. Yes, I’ve written a book and if all goes well, it will be made available early this Fall!

It’s entitled, Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love.

Here’s some initial feedback:

In Reckless Pursuit, Landon Collard expresses with down-to-earth eloquence the ongoing story of God and His constant, faithful quest for our hearts. Using solid biblical foundations, occasional heart wrenching narrative, and humorous insights, Collard offers hope for those of us who wrestle with life and loss, faith and the God relationship. Reckless Pursuit spoke to my heart and my intellect. It’s not an emotionally-manipulative book, as so many are today, but an honest and encouraging look at God’s relentless love of his creation. I think we’re going to be hearing a lot more about, and from, Landon Collard. God willing. – Caron Guillo, An Uncommon Crusade

I really enjoyed reading the book, and it touched me in a lot of ways… (it had) me laughing and crying at various times.  – Paul Millsaps

Just read the text you sent me. Heart stopping is my first reaction! – Ginger McBride

I read it ALL YESTERDAY!!! COULD NOT put it down!!!! Seriously, the Love you poured into this book, the Love of our Heavenly Father who inspired you through the Holy Spirit in writing this is such an AMAZING LOVE!! I was pulled into it, it really pulls you into the heart of God, I love how you use your own family examples, your personal intimate God/family relationship. I could not PUT IT DOWN. AND THATS GOOD!!! I WAS DRAWN!! What an awesome way you  have portrayed the relentless love of our HEAVENLY FATHER!! – Roni Byrd

First thoughts, love the intro, like the chapters titles.  Intro is wonderful, if this was a book that I picked up in the store, I would buy it just from reading the intro, it gives me the idea of where the book is headed, and from reading it I will begin to see my relationship with Father in a different way. I definitely want to purchase a copy of the book! – Sue Wells

I can’t wait to share Reckless Pursuit with you! And I couldn’t be more excited about telling this story – the story of our Father’s relentless love of us! It is a love that changes everything. It has changed me to the core. And I know it will change you as well.

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