Reckless Pursuit: Ch. 2 – You Did What?


So, what do you do with this?

Could anything be more adorable? You want to laugh and drink the moment in but what if you are this little guy’s parent. You are responsible for not only what he does but who he is becoming. If you laugh, what happens? Does it cement this behavior? If you get on to him for sticking his tongue out do you turn something playful into unnecessary punishment? Where is that User’s Manual for these little guys? Wow, the task of parenting!

The following is a snapshot excerpt of the upcoming book…

Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love – Chapter 2: You Did What?

…there is very little in this world that disturbs my heart more than going to bed at night after an unsettling conflict with my kids. I lie there running the scene through my head over and over, wondering if there was anything that could have been different. Did I handle myself correctly? Did I care for their hearts? Did I respond out of anger? Do they know how deeply I love them? Why do they seem to invite these interactions at times? What can I do to steer their hearts in a different direction? And if my heart is turned this way because of simple disconnects between me and my kids, what does the ache in the Father’s heart look like when I willingly defy him?

Reckless Pursuit is currently being prepared for publishing. It will be made available to the public early this fall. Keep coming back here for more updates and teasers.



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