Reckless Pursuit: Ch. 5 – I’m Confused


Do you ever feel like there are multiple versions of you and some of them just aren’t that good? You ever wish you could push the reset button and try that last interaction again?

I know for me, this feeling happens way more often than I’d like. If you are like me and find yourself here more than you’d like, take some solace in the fact that we are in good company. God’s people throughout the biblical narrative find themselves in this spot over and over. Yes, even our heroes. Even the spiritual giants. Even people like Noah reacted thoughtlessly out of anger and I can’t but read his story and wonder how things could have turned out differently had he been more controlled. More in tune with God’s heart.

The following is a snapshot excerpt of the upcoming book…

Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love – Chapter 5: I’m Confused

       Unfortunately, too often I find traces of Noah’s face on my own. My eyes narrow in. My teeth clench. And my cheeks get flushed. I lash out at my children in a moment of weakness and frustration, immediately regretting my actions.

       But other times, I am the complete opposite. I am inappropriately passive. I excuse behavior that should be immediately addressed. I dismiss actions of selfishness and disrespect instead of naming them and diverting them from being planted into the long-term character of my children.

       When I step back and gain some perspective, I long to model myself after our Father, not our ancestors. I want to parent with his boldness, conviction and his passionate pursuit of the hearts of his children. Yahweh loves his children so much that he is willing to do whatever is necessary to get their attention, even if that means intentionally creating utter confusion among them.

Reckless Pursuit is currently being prepared for publishing. It will be made available to the public early this fall. Keep coming back here for more updates and teasers.



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