Reckless Pursuit – Book Proof Ordered!


It’s almost time!

Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love (click here for the book’s website) is almost here! It has been written, revised, edited, formatted and illustrated. All that is left is final approval.

The publisher is currently printing a couple of proof copies and sending them for Design Cortex and me to look over. If everything looks as we expect, we’ll be giving the green light in a couple of weeks and Reckless Pursuit will be in production. It will be available almost immediately, directly from the publisher. In a few weeks, you will also be able to ask your local book store to order it or you will be able to find it at as well (both options will take about 6 weeks after the final version is approved).

Check back soon! I’ll let you know when final approval is given and will direct you to where to find it. I can’t wait to make this available to you.


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