4 Days and God’s Heart…


4 days left until Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love (click here for the book’s website) is released!

August 19th – you will be able to purchase an initial copy directly from the publisher about six weeks before it hits Amazon.

Until then…here’s a preview of the heart of Reckless Pursuit straight from the back cover:

In Reckless Pursuit, Landon Collard expresses with down-to-earth eloquence the ongoing story of God and His constant, faithful quest for our hearts. Using solid biblical foundations, occasional heart wrenching narrative, and humorous insights, Collard offers hope for those of us who wrestle with life and loss, faith and the God relationship. Reckless Pursuit spoke to my heart and my intellect. – Caron Guillo, An Uncommon Crusade

“Too often we reduce God down to a series of facts, figures, names, dates and organized theological truths. As a result, the person of God is diminished and his heart is lost. He becomes nothing more than information on a spreadsheet. He is turned into an object we occasionally pray to but he is distant and removed. He becomes more of an idea than someone we know…

 There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing your Father. It is the difference between a religious connection to him and the personal, intimate relationship that occurs between us when we truly come to know his heart. You see, this is why we were created. To know and be known by our God. To live in a deep relationship of love with him, our gracious Father. To miss this is to miss him completely. When we find ourselves in this kind of relationship with him, we will find ourselves in the midst of the most amazing courtship this world has ever known.”

I hope you join me in this journey toward the most amazing love you’ve ever experienced. Step into God and allow his pursuit of you to enter. May it remake your heart as it has mine!






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