2 Days and 4 Parts…


2 days left until Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love  (click here for the book’s website) is released!

August 19th – you will be able to purchase an initial copy directly from the publisher about six weeks before it hits Amazon.

Until then…here’s a quick look at the content you will encounter as you dive into the story of Reckless Pursuit:

Introduction: Are You Hungry?

Part 1 (pgs 6-13)

HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN                                           

  1. It’s Really Good

Part 2 (pgs 14-23)

HOW WE ENDED UP HERE                                                          

  1. You Did What?

Part 3 (pgs 24-49)


  1. Don’t Ask Me
  2. How ‘Bout A Do Over?
  3. I’m Confused
  4. Can I Ask You A Question?

Part 4 (pgs 50-95)


  1. I’ve Got A Surprise For You
  2. Would You Like To Choose?
  3. You Won’t Believe This
  4. Are You Still There?
  5. That’s Incredible
  6. What’s Your Name?

Afterword: Reckless Presence & Provision (pgs 96-97)

Appendix A: The Reckless Challenges (pgs 98-105)

Appendix B: Study/Discussion Guides (pgs 106-117)

About The Author (pg 118)

Notes (pg 119)



2 thoughts on “2 Days and 4 Parts…

    • Selia,

      Thanks for asking! We’re not releasing the site until Monday…the day of the official book release. You’ll be able to go straight from the book’s website to the “Reckless Pursuit” order page on the publisher’s website. It will cost $12.99. However, please keep in mind that at Journey we will be using the book for our “Journey of Faith” series in October and if you’re in a Journey Group, you’ll get a free copy (purchased by Journey).

      Can’t wait to share it with you!

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