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Reckless Pursuit: God’s Story of Relentless Love (click to be taken to the book’s amazon page).

Reckless Pursuit began with a question… “If I had four years to walk with someone, what would I want them to come to know about God?” Four years. That’s really not that much time. What is essential? What is truly core? What must be passed on in order for them to be able to seek a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus for the rest of their lives?

The answer to these questions led to the development of 4 major themes:

1. THE CHRIST: Who is Christ & How do I Follow Him?

2. THE COMMUNITY: Who are we as Followers of Christ?

3. THE TEACHINGS: What are the core teachings of Followers of Christ?

4. THE STORY: Why is Christ the fulfillment of God’s story?

We must determined to teach Jesus. Who he is. What he does. The unbelievable result he can have on our lives. Who we become when we give up everything to follow him. How even our way of seeing the world is forever changed. And finally, why Jesus is the center of everything for us. Why he is the center of our faith. And why he is the center of the ancient story – even when his name doesn’t appear in the text.

This final movement is what Reckless Pursuit grew out of. It is the retelling of the of the story of God, the most unbelievable and beautiful story ever told. Reckless Pursuit is not the complete story, nor does it intend to be. It simply addresses the first major movement of the biblical narrative, while revealing four foundational elements of the story we find ourselves in: 1. How things could have been 2. How we ended up here 3. How we define normal and 4. How the Father wins!

The most incredible thing about this story…it’s not over! It’s not stuck in the ancient text. It’s not just a history of what has taken place thousands of years ago. The names and places have changed but God is the same God. His heart is still in pursuit of us with relentless passion. And those of us who allow ourselves to be caught by him, who wear his name, inherit the indescribable gifts of freedom and life.




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