Mark of a Good Vacation

I never understood this until I hit my mid 30’s. The ability to sit down right in the middle of little kids running around, the TV on or a computer in your lap and just fade away into oblivion! It is a gift saved for those who have traveled a few more miles.

Now, I long for days like this. Peaceful Sunday afternoons. Rainy weekends. Or like our vacation last week, a remote cabin in the mountains of Colorado. To have nothing pressing and the ability to just be – what a gift!

However, this moment was truly something special. I was sitting at the table, playing a game with my mom and my kids and I looked up at my dad and found him in this state. Immediately one word popped into my head… “REALLY?!?”

Really, Dad? You’re that at ease with the world? I get the naps on the couch with golf playing in the background but this?

If you’re not quite with me yet, take a close look at his mouth. Yes, that’s right…it’s a dental floss pick! He’s out cold right in the middle of flossing his teeth!!!

Now to be fair, he did work really hard. He caught a ton of fish and yes, I caught a grand total of – wait for it – 0! But this is the accomplishment I most aspire to. How about you?