Angry Bird Valentine


I love my little boy’s heart. They way he experiences the world is so refreshing. It reminds me often of what life is to look like for us. Earlier this week, I was banging around in the kitchen – cleaning up from a hectic morning – while he was watching his cartoons. Over the clanging of dishes and pans, I was shocked to hear his little voice turn into a monstrous scream. As I turned around to see what was going on, I realized that this scream was directed at…me!

He was out of control beside himself, thundering at me because I was making too much noise for him to hear his show. This has NEVER happened before and I admit, I was a bit in shock. However, what happened next shocked me even more.

In mid-scream, he stopped. His face fell and he immediately began saying, “I’m sorry, Daddy! I’m sorry!” Before I even had time to react, my little guy caught himself, changed course and began begging for forgiveness.

And it was given immediately. I picked him up, looked him deep in the eyes and said, “We don’t scream at people like that. Not at me. Not at anybody.” As tears welled up in his eyes, I looked at him and said, “I love you Brycen” and our little encounter was done.

Oh, that we would live like this with our Daddy! The perfect, fullest life available. Not a perfect life but one that is overcome with love and forgiveness. Could there be anything more beautiful than an “Angry Bird Valentine?”

Loving Life

It’s amazing watching children live life together. They encounter each day with so much passion and freedom. Every moment is completely consumed.

When they bump their heads, it’s the end of the world. They don’t understand why that table attacked them and they need to be rescued. But, wow! How quickly they recover. And back, marching headlong into the fray they go.

When they are given a new toy, it’s as if they just won the Superbowl! They dive into their play with overwhelming joy. And anyone who threatens to deter this playtime needs to be cautioned: “Enter At Your Own Risk.” You will become a fierce enemy if you take away this new treasure.

But this is what I enjoy the most about children. No, not the fighting, arguing and constant need for parenting but their ability to recover from all of this. Their ability to love.

They can be found squaring off, ready to destroy each other, one moment and then hugging and running around holding hands the next. They often, very literally, kiss and make up. Forgiveness is a daily and sometimes hourly part of their relationships. It is the way they love each other.

What a tremendous example for those of us who call ourselves “Jesus Followers.” To live this freely. To love this purely. To forgive without any thought of past or future offenses. Could there possibly be any better way of life?